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Cancer Patient Denied Medical Treatment While Waiting for City of Jacksonville [FL]’s Response to Accident Claim

Here’s the story:

1. Woman is hit by police car – she is not at fault at all. City accepts full liability, which means it will pay for medical expenses.

2. Said woman goes to hospital for treatment.

3. She learns, coincidentally, that she has cancer.

4. Hospital refuses to treat the woman for the cancer because said woman owes for treatment from accident. Total: $117,404.07.

5. The woman is unable to pay the $117,404.07.

(Part of her treatment was for the pneumonia she contracted in hospital. If I remember my tort law correctly, the city is liable for treatment for pneumonia, too, because it is foreseeable that a patient might contract that at hospital. (Best health care system in the world!))

6. City hasn’t paid yet. I quote from the news story:

“City of Jacksonville Deputy General Counsel Howard Maltz explained the city gets about 400 claims a year, saying clients [sic] have to ‘take a number.’ … Maltz couldn’t comment on this specific claim, and would only narrow the potential timeline to between one week and ten years.”

7. Between one week and 10 years?!

8. Until 2021? That looks like a date from Battlestar Galactica.

9. Question lurking beneath the surface: When the woman finally pays for her accident treatment, then the hospital will treat her.  But, for how long? Because she probably can’t pay those bills, either.

10. Another question: Could she go just to another hospital, one to which she owes no money, and start treating for cancer?  At least until she doesn’t pay and they cut her off?

11. Last question: Is she better off waiting until 2014 (a year that still looks very Battlestar Galactica), when ObamaCare kicks in and forces her (if she’s still alive) to buy insurance (with what?), and then she can get treated?

Anyway, I’m sure she’ll be fine.  As I’ve been told all my life: “America  has the best health care system in the world.”

P.S. Click on “11” for a laugh.