Gibbs stepping down as White House press secretary.

[humor, politics]

I saw the headline and thought, “Stepping DOWN?!!?” Anything would be a step UP from this job of lying, spinning, finessing, massaging, deflecting, distracting …

I thought that maybe Gibbs’s soul rebelled.

Then I thought that he probably just inked a seven-figure deal to write a tell-all – and needs time to finish it before Obama gets kicked out of office and such a book becomes irrelevant (i.e., non marketable).

Then I read the story.

Gibbs is quitting to lend “outside assistance” to Obama’s re-election campaign.  Is this so he can lie more broadly, beyond the immediate topics of the day?

So sad to think that someone who is supposedly dealing straight up with the media as a press secretary is actually, apparently, highly qualified to do the propagandizing that lies at the heart of “campaigning.”

I don’t think Gibbs is stepping down, or up – this is a lateral move at best.