Many middle class and poor people support government economic policies that indisputably favor the rich.   (Mission Accomplished – there has been a massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich since Reagan took over in 1981.)

These people – the victims of these policies – support these policies because they think, “Hey, I might get rich someday, and I want these policies to favor me then!”

Question: How’s that been working for you? Are you richer than you were two years ago? Five years ago? 10? (If you are, then please adjust for inflation, and ask again ….)

How about this: Why don’t you push for policies that help you, now? Policies that might actually help YOU get rich, and not just ones that are designed to let the rich get richer and stay rich – especially those rich people who don’t work but live on inherited wealth?

When you get rich from all your hard work, well, then you can support policies that help you stay rich.  Unless, of course, by that time you have come to believe that the better polices are ones that reward people’s hard work, not policies that let them sit around all day like Paris Hilton.

Because you’re working hard now, right? And you’re not getting richer, right?