Obama hopes to raise $1 billion dollars for his re-election.

What a waste — the cash will just enrich the commercial media, buying BS ads Americans are sick of.

How about this, Mr. President?  Announce that you won’t campaign for yourself but for America.  Raise money, but  for a charity that will pay for all the things the government supposedly can’t afford.

You’ll fix U.S. infrastructure; provide health care; heal innocent civilians hurt by U.S. bombs; give a hand to people facing foreclosure; bail out the unemployed; develop green energy; improve education; etc.

Stuff other politicians just talk about.

“Obama’s Campaign FOR AMERICA” will help millions of people.  It will win voters over better than any TV ad ever could.

Republicans hope America will fall apart by election time — the improvements will confound them.

Obama won’t have to pay people to say “Obama puts his money where his mouth is.”  We’ll say it for free.

That’s the best campaign ad of all.

READERS: Please add your ideas of what Obama should do for America with $1 billion!