I get emails from various political groups. This one today from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had the subject line “Jaw-dropping”:


Have you been watching the Republican debates? Jaw-dropping:

  • The Tea Party audience cheered Ron Paul’s suggestion that freedom means letting an uninsured man die.
  • Another audience cheered the 234 executions Gov. Rick Perry has presided over.
  • Michele Bachmann calls the EPA a “job-killing” agency. Clean water and air? Who needs it?

If this movement wins only 4 Senate seats, they could have total control of Congress. There will be nothing to stop their crazy agenda and bizarre beliefs. Think that over for a moment, then click and give whatever you can to keep our Senate majority.

Can you give $5 right now to help meet our September FEC deadline?

We’ve got $708,000 to raise in the next 15 days. Falling short this month means revising our 2012 plan and conceding states to the GOP. With only a four-seat margin, we can’t afford to drop any states.

Your donation could make the difference between holding – or losing – the Senate.

Thanks for your help.

Guy Cecil

My jaw dropped when I thought: It only takes four Senate seats to control Congress?  It’s that easy?  What I mean is, I get emails and hear Democrat apologists all the time saying how they can’t do anything because of the Big Old Mean Bad Republicans.

Give me a break.  And why not just use some of the same tactics that Republicans use?

PUSH for jobs, clean air, protecting social security, etc.

And Obama could actually FIGHT for something he wants and use all available powers, such as executive orders, etc.  Bush laid that precedent. Obama’s followed him on so much else: war, torture, tax breaks for the richest one percent, etc.

Stop asking me for money, Democrats. It’s not money you lack: It’s WILL, and the stomach for a fight.

Lead or get out of the way.

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