People have been tut-tutting over the girth and all around, well, roundness, of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R).  The guy’s a whale.  No news in that.

But if Christie makes a run — or more like a huffing-and-puffing-punctuated-by-stops walk — for the White House, well, it’s news.

As a “financial expert,” I’m concerned that in this age of budget crises, Christie will have a big impact.  First, he will probably eat more than the rail-(I-bet-he’s-still-smoking)-thin current occupant of the White House.  Christie’s appetite might put us in the red, as in red meat.

Second, there will be increased fuel costs for Air Force One and presidential limousines.  Perhaps we will have to build an Air Force One-and-One-Half.  The United States might have to invade another oil-rich nation to fuel Christie’s bouncing around.

Solar power? Christie might block the sun.

Then again, many Americans struggle with their weight — and with the meanness of shallow people like me.  Perhaps Chris Christie, who acknowledges his problem, would be — dare I say the word — empathetic.  Perhaps he could serve as an inspiration as he aims to be the Biggest Loser on his way to victory.

Perhaps Governor Christie is the man for this era, when so many of us literally and figuratively need to Cut the Flab.

Let’s get over his overweight-ness and focus on his policies, not his paunch.

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