People often ask me, a “financial guru,” how they can save money as the year draws to a close.  Here’s my plan.

My shower brush broke. It’s barely holding together.

The Author's shower brush with crack visible on left

I face tough choices:

1. Keep using the brush until it’s unusable. If the brush holds together until the end of 2011, I’ll save the money I would have spent buying a new one in 2011.  The plan carries some financial “risk,” because the brush might break before December 31.

2. Buy a new brush.  This will cost me about $10 at Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck).

3. Repair my brush.

4. Do without any brush if this one breaks completely, and try a washcloth.

Choice 1 exceeds my risk tolerance. Choice 2 is a sure loser. Choice 4 requires innovation.  So it’s Choice 3 — I plan to fix my brush with Gorilla Glue.

A closer view of the author's broken shower brush, with Gorilla Glue

That plan will save me $10, minus the couple of squirts of Gorilla Glue.

Because I plan to fix the brush sometime over the next few days, now I have a Plan to Save Money in 2011.  Having a plan gives me peace of mind.

Moreover, because I’m using Gorilla Glue and gorillas are aggressive, this is an “aggressive” financial plan.

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