The Occupy Wall Street movement is misguided and disorganized and poses a danger to the First Amendment, according to Lawyers With Borders Executive Director Brian J. Foley.

“These drugged-out anarchists full of violent intent – and drugs –  fail to grasp the most basic tenet of our legal system: Our laws exist to help Wall Street.  Hell, Wall Street writes the laws,” Foley said.

The fact that Occupy Wall Street appears to have no leader is also problematic.  “First, it reveals a lack of hierarchy, and our laws require that strong people exercise their power over weaker people,” Foley explained.

“Second, if the leader isn’t revealed, how can we destroy the movement by doing an exposé on the leader, full of mischaracterizations short of defamation? Where is this movement’s Julian Assange, its MLK?” Foley asked.  “Our corporate media aren’t actually trained to do research, so this is unfair to our journalists.”

Foley also warned that the First Amendment is imperiled. “It’s delicate and can get broken and worn down from too much use by regular people.  It’s best left to corporations and PACs,” Foley said.

“If people occupy Wall Street and use up our First Amendment right, how will Wall Street be able to tell us what to think?”

Foley said that drone strikes against the protests “should not be ruled out, as the protesters are merely U.S. citizens.”

LAWYERS WITH BORDERS is a non-governmental organization (NGO) modeled after Doctors Without Borders, except that its members are juris doctors, not medical doctors, and Lawyers With Borders does not help people without regard to borders, travel distance, or other jurisdictional issues, or for free. No Wall Street company has paid for or requested this Statement of Support; rather, Lawyers With Borders issues such Statements in hope that the subject(s) of the Statement will retain Lawyers With Borders and pay for the campaign.

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