Today I dusted off my 1960s Establishment Playbook and hurled some classic insults at protesters.

“Get a job, hippie freak!”

Ball one: Protesters want jobs.

“You’re all on drugs!”

Ball two: Big Pharma needs to keep Americans  (especially the richest one-percent with health insurance) pumped full of Prozac, Ritalin, and Viagra. And Wall Street itself is fueled by mountains of coke and other drugs (probably sold by the CIA).

“America: Love it or leave it!”

Ball three: Major “American” companies that wrap themselves in the flag have already left America, firing workers and off-shoring operations to avoid paying tax. Take GE: It paid no federal income tax last  year, and its job-cutting, off-shoring CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, is President Obama’s Jobs Czar.

“I hope you get drafted (and shipped to Vietnam)!”

Ball four: The Military Industrial Complex does NOT want to bring back the draft — that would lead to widespread public opposition to U.S. imperial wars.  And many protester’s jobs have already shipped out to ‘Nam.


The Times They Are A-Changin’

Maybe The Establishment doesn’t need to hurl propagandistic insults.  Unlike in the 60’s,  our President can just call protesters “terrorists” and bomb them with drones. He can herd any survivors into Guantanamo and waterboard them into confessing that they’re the ones who: wrecked our economy by fraudulently selling mortgage-backed derivatives; lied us into Iraq; failed to prevent 9/11; and refuse to fund our schools and rebuild our infrastructure and create jobs.

Nixon, eat your heart out!

Or the corporate media can just ignore the protests and spew out more American Idol.

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