Many Floridians are lamenting the outcome of Saturday’s game, in which the University of Georgia scored 24 points and the University of Florida scored 20 points.  However, Floridians should hold their heads up high, because the score says just one thing: Georgia has better socialized football than Florida does.

What real American would ever want to “win” at state-funded football?  What real American would ever step onto the gridiron wearing government-bought pads and helmets, coached by government employees?  Socialism is anti-American, and it’s a huge football-cleated kick in America’s face for socialism to be any part of this supremely American  game.

In fact, Florida should continue Saturday’s victory — and what is wrongly called its four-game “losing streak” —  by ending government-funded football altogether.

If we don’t draw a line in the grass here, then we risk that some socialists, emboldened by the loud cheers for socialized football at Everbank Field on Saturday, will turn the NFL into the Nationalized Football League. Or that football will become what it’s become in (socialist) Europe: a bunch of guys without pads kicking a round ball.

I was raised to believe that kicking is for sissies, which means it’s anti-American.

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