Lawyers With Borders intends to release a statement about the Penn State scandal “soon,” according to Lawyers With Borders Executive Director Brian J. Foley.

“This has been a difficult week for Lawyers With Borders,” Foley said.  “The facts have been fast-moving, and it’s been unclear where public opinion is.  We’re waiting for some sort of Gallup Poll to see which side we’ll take.”

There has been some outpouring of sympathy for the victims of Coach Jerry Sandusky, “but not enough where we can confidently say we oppose child abuse,” Foley said.  “I mean, the pendulum might swing to encourage support for what many attorneys see as the real victims in this case: Penn State’s attorneys.”

“Penn State’s administrators have also had an enormous amount to deal with. Who’s thinking of those victims, who’ve have to decide what is the best PR move for Penn State, and how to fire Joe Paterno without causing a domino effect that could result in a lawsuit by him and a loss of donations from alumni?” Foley asked.

“The money from football at Penn State must be kept flowing, because it’ important and necessary. It’s used to support football,” Foley said.

“What will make this easier for Lawyers With Borders is if someone, even aggrieved students or alums who want to sue the University for infliction of emotional distress, would step forward and pay us to take a position,” Foley said.  “The truth is, until we get a handle on public opinion or a cash retainer, Lawyers With Borders is also a victim of this scandal.”

Foley said he was about to call the scandal “disgraceful” but that he refrained “out of respect for any potential clients or donors [to his non-non profit] who might have a more nuanced view of the alleged incident.”

LAWYERS WITH BORDERS is a for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) modeled after Doctors Without Borders, except that its members are juris doctors, not medical doctors, and Lawyers With Borders does not help people without regard to borders, travel distance, or other jurisdictional issues, or for free. No person or entity has paid for or requested a Statement of Support in this case; rather, Lawyers With Borders issues such Statements or contemplates their issuance in hope that the subject(s)  or potential subject(s) of the Statement will retain Lawyers With Borders.

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