Welcome! I’m the law professor Brian J. Foley. I’m also a political writer, humor writer, and standup comedian. I’ve thought about setting up a blog dedicated to one of these interests but decided instead to use this blog to talk about all sorts of things from law to humor, including money tips from my new humor book, A New Financial You in 28 Days, and my latest obsession, heating my home with wood.

I plan to think out loud here. In my scholarly writing and my writing for sites such as CounterPunch, Jurist, and Antiwar.com, I’ve worked to put out crystallized arguments. In my humor writing and stand up comedy, I’ve worked to present polished, funny stuff. This blog is where I let myself explore, test notions and insights, seek comments and input, and even make mistakes. Not stupid mistakes, such as getting facts wrong or engaging in obviously fallacious reasoning – I plan to work hard to avoid those.  But I might make errors that come from my limited perspective or ignorance or lack of understanding. Actually, I will make such errors.  I hope you will point them out. I hope that brianjfoley.net is exploratory and illuminating and at times hilarious to you and me. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

And, of course: The views here are my own, not those of any institution I am affiliated with.